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National Hispanic SMP (NHSMP) Program

Texas Print Materials

National Hispanic SMP Program
Programa Nacional Hispano SMP para Prevenir el Fraude al Medicare

Texas Print Materials / Materiales Comunitarios Impresos

These outreach materials were developed for Hispanic older adults in Texas to prevent, detect, and report Medicare fraud in a linguistically, culturally, and age-sensitive way.

Rotafolio – Mi Medicare: Un Asunto de Familia

In response to the needs of Texas’ Hispanic older adults, NHCOA developed a rotafolio (flipchart) to provide to give charlas (educational sessions) to seniors and their families. The flipchart, titled “Mi Medicare: Un Asunto de Family” (“My Medicare: A Family Affair”), explains general Medicare concepts for small groups or one-on-one sessions through pictures and text. This easy-to-use tool contains a promotores (community leader or outreach worker) guide to help give the charlas.

Rotafolio(2.5 MiB)

Folleto – Mi Medicare: Un Asunto de Familia

This folleto (brochure) was developed as a supporting educational aid for Medicare charlas (education sessions) and contains the main points so community members can it take home and share with family members and friends.

Folleto(3.0 MiB)

Volante – ¡Reporte el Fraude al Medicare!

This volante (flyer) focuses on the key messages identified by the Texas needs assessment, which which is to highlight the main types of fraud in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Customize the volante by adding your contact information to print and distribute in your community.

Key mesages: 1. Review 2. Nothing is Free 3. Read Before Signing 4.Never Share Your Medicare Number

Texas Flyer(2.1 MiB)

Cartel / Afiche – ¡Reporte el Fraude al Medicare!

This cartel / afiche (poster) is a larger version of the volante (flyer) and emphasizes the same key messages. It is to be placed at strategic locations within the community such as health centers, churches, CBOs, etc. Customize the cartel by adding your contact information to print and distribute in your community.

Key mesages: 1. Review 2. Nothing is Free 3. Read Before Signing 4. Never Share Your Medicare Number

Reporte el Fraude(3.2 MiB)

Diviértase y Aprenda – Medicare Bingo / Lotería

Medicare Bingo / Lotería is an interactive game to help Hispanic older adults learn about Medicare concepts in a fun way. By using a culturally relevant game as part of the Medicare outreach materials, Latino seniors reinforce their knowledge of the Medicare program in a simple and linguistically appropriate way. Can be played with a maximum of 22 players and includes instructions..

Bingo/Loteria(26.0 MiB)

How To Customize NHSMP Print Materials

To customize these print materials you will need a design software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite. For assistance please contact